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One spring afternoon before heading back to college, Thomas Matzner and Dominic Shaughnessy were helping their grandparents clean out their basement. After stumbling upon what looked like science equipment, the two started to ask questions about a few pieces that sparked their curiosity. They found out that in the early 1900's family members ran a bootlegging operation out of this same basement which filled the streets of New York City with a speciality liquor. With this new found knowledge, the two young ambitious gents were inspired to embark on a journey in the spirit industry with a recipe of their own. 



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Prüv Vodka is a five times distilled Ultra-Premium blend bottled and distilled in Denver, CO. Our juice is derived from corn (Gluten Free) and cut with pure Colorado Rocky Mountain Water. Prüv is one of the few vodka brands distilled in a glass still opposed to copper, which removes more impurities per distillation. Prüv is bottled smooth and clean as one of the purest vodkas to touch your lips. 

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Distillery to Doorstep

As a small American brand we've found it's difficult to get our exceptionally smooth, ultra premium vodka to everyone across the Country. We did what we had to and now... You can order directly from our website! We'll be able to deliver it straight from our distillery to your doorstep. 

By the way... Anyone under the age of 21 will NOT be served. Rules are rules.  

"Come hang with us."